We at “IRIS” take a strategic, consultative approach and apply shopper and retailer insights to create value-added solutions that can be affordably executed.


We immerse ourselves in your brief in order to uncover needs and translate the insights of the consumer, shopper and retailer to proactively deliver successful solutions through various mediums of printing and  display techniques.

Our sophisticated infrastructure enables us to develop and manage large, complex programs well within the deadlines.

Strategic analysis


- Application of shopper and retailer insights

- Balancing consumer, retail, and marketer needs

- Creative design

- Model making

- Design engineering

- Rapid prototyping

- Manufacturing

- Assembly

- Distribution and Logistics

- Customer service

Glow signs, Backlits, Translites, In-shop Branding, Product Display Stands, Floor Graphics, Wall Wraps, Vehicle Wraps, Banners, Canvas Prints.


We do more than just make displays.